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Discount Web Hosting at BudgetHostingWeb


ForwardingWeb is a  forwarding service designed to help you link your domain name or web address with a different site in another location. This "Destination URL" can change whenever you like, but your visitors will always be able to find your site using your permanent address.

URL Forwarding is often called "Redirection" or "Domain Redirection".

Unlike many other forwarding services, ForwardingWeb offers both Domain and Subdomain Forwarding, with cloaked and uncloaked options.

Once you have setup your account, you will able to log into our Members' Area immediately. In this Members Area, you can change any of your forwarding settings, including your Destination URL, Site Name and Meta Description Tags.

Some of the benefits of using ForwardingWeb include:

  • You can use free web space from your ISP or a free web host, but hide their long or ugly address.
  • If your host doesn't provide full domain hosting, you can still set up your domain on your site.
  • Your new URL is permanent, so you can change ISP's or web hosts but keep the same address.
  • You can point multiple domains or addresses at your site without paying extra hosting fees.
  • Your account is quick and easy to use, yet still gives you all the powerful features.

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Free URL Forwarding at ForwardingWeb

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Free URL Forwarding at ForwardingWeb
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