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People who have dedicated connections or a broadband Internet connection usually have a static IP address - in other words, it doesn't change. However, most people have a regular dialup connection and a dynamic IP address, or an IP that is different each time they logon. 

To forward to a static IP is simple, all the member needs to do is enter their IP as the URL. A dynamic IP is more difficult. 

Yes, members could login to the members area each time they connect and change their URL to reflect their new IP from there, but that would be a hassle. ForwardingWeb has an easier way. 

All these members need to do is set their browser’s default page to load our Dynamic IP system automatically when they start their browsers. The actual link will be given to these members during the signup process. If you didn't specify a dynamic IP during the signup process, please contact our Customer Service Team who can switch your account over to this system. 

When they logon and start their browser, ForwardingWeb automatically grabs their new IP and changes their account accordingly. The first time they use dynamic.pl, the script will ask them for the URL to their regular browser homepage, for example microsoft.com or home.netcenter.com. From then on, when they start their browser and dynamic.pl is loaded, ForwardingWeb gets their IP and then forwards them to their regular Home Page. This way, even though they’ve changed their Home Page they don't need to change their browsing habits.

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Free URL Forwarding at ForwardingWeb
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