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By default, subdomains of member subdomains or domains are converted to subdirectories. 

For example, let's assume you have an account at ForwardingWeb called site.forwardingweb.com which forwards to members.tripod.com/~site. Therefore, sub.site.forwardingweb.com forwards to members.tripod.com/~site/sub/. 

However, you can use Special Subdomains to forward your subdomains to any page you choose anywhere on the Internet. For example, you can change the default setting so that sub.site.forwardingweb.com forwards to members.tripod.com/~site/specialpage.html instead.

To use Special Subdomains, log into the member’s area and and enter your new settings in the special subdomain control box at the bottom of the page. 

The first box asks for the subdomain ("sub” in the above example). The second asks for the Destination URL. The account’s default URL is already entered so that if the subdomain forwards to a page on the same account the URL won’t have to be retyped. The third box asks for a title, which will appear in the browser’s title bar when the subdomain is accessed. After the special subdomain has been setup, it can be accessed immediately.

If you are using your own domain rather than a subdomain of ours, you may still use special subdomains, only yours will be subdomains under your domain name, not ours.

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