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“www.member.forwardingweb.com” or “member.forwardingweb.com”

ForwardingWeb references member URLs as having a “www.” in front of them. This does not mean they must use it to work. Both forms of the URL - with or without the “www.” - will function exactly the same. 

Then why use the “www.” you may ask? There are basically three types of people who will use forwarding services:

  1. Those that want a domain but either can’t afford one or aren’t willing to pay for one, therefore they use a subdomain forwarding service because it looks like a domain. The “www.” just adds to this illusion.
  2. Those that have a domain but their host can’t handle it. They’re then forced to use a forwarding service. Domains are usually always referenced with a “www.” anyway, so it’s only logical for ForwardingWeb to carry on the tradition. 
  3. Those that have sites with long URLs and want a subdomain or domain to forward to them. In this case, the “www.” adds nothing. However, just because ForwardingWeb uses “www.” on the members pages doesn’t mean the members have to use it, so even in this case there is no problem. 

In other words, you can use your URLs with our without the "www." prefix. It is your choice.

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